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    Founded in 1988,Wonder motor co., LTD, is one of the early enterprises to export the aluminum shell motor .After 30 years of development, WONDER become influential in China one of the main motor manufacturers and exporters.Company mainly produces motor, water pump, castings, and other products, its efficient motor is high efficiency and energy saving of China industry pioneer and innovator in the industry."WONDER" brand products, widely used in fan, water pump, air compressor, gear box, hydraulic and other industrial areas, has been recognized by customers and favor, in the industry enjoys a high honor.
    At the same time, in the field of shipping industry, railway construction, etc, with the advancement of industrialization in our country, the demand of special motor continuously growing every year.Small and medium-sized motor on the number of manufacturing industry in the national motor manufacturing occupy significant position of absolute rule.Special motor belongs to small and medium-sized motor industry, as the product structure adjustment and optimization of small and medium-sized motor, special dedicated motor will become the key point of the development of the industry, its market demand and development speed in the motor industry in a leading position.
    Industry enterprises to the market demand as the guidance, aim at the domestic and foreign markets, in time for the user to provide high quality, low price, which has the function of innovative new products, to realize the change of production management to the market operating model.Enterprise innovation not only refers to the knowledge innovation, technology innovation and process innovation, but also includes manufacturing, update of management concept, the reconstruction of the organization, management restructuring.Practice proves that the integrated innovation is the power to promote the development of the enterprise and the most powerful competitive weapon.