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     Special motor series??????????

       Because the motor in the national economy in various fields has a wide range of USES, with the rapid development of national economy and power industry, motor (including small and medium-sized motor) will face a broad space for development.As the product structure adjustment and optimization of small and medium-sized motor, special dedicated motor will become the key point of the development of the industry, its market demand and development speed will be in a leading position in the industry.Small and medium-sized motor large parts of the industry production of more varieties and series, comprehensive strength dominant;Smaller companies are focused on a specific one or several motor production, strive to get advantages in product market segment.

    Special motor is compared with traditional brushless dc motor and ac asynchronous motor with the fuzzy concept.Traditionally, except a brushless dc motor, ac asynchronous motor, all motor is called a special motor.Rather than used in the special motor is a special occasion.
    Motor as the main driving power source, which are widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, public facilities, household appliances and other fields.Refers to in order to satisfy the special motor drive motor performance requirements of various kinds of machinery and equipment, and specifically for a certain type of machinery and equipment separately design, manufacture special needs special motor, the growth of the national economy for the special motor industry's sustained and rapid development has laid a good foundation.

    Domestic special motor mainly include explosion-proof motor, lifting, metallurgy, elevator motors, Marine motors, traction motor and shielding, etc.Explosion-proof electrical industry is an important industry in the special motor industry, its products are mainly for coal industry, petrochemical industry and other departments.Due to the development of the national macroeconomic situation, explosion-proof motor industry as a whole economic situation is good, the whole industry to complete the gross value of industrial output, product yield and profits are increasing year by year, increasing demand for the domestic market, product sales increased significantly, at the same time, the export is also rising year by year.
    At present, special motor industry in our country has formed relatively complete industrial system, special motor product varieties, specifications, performance and production basic can meet the needs of the development of China's national economy.At present, most of the enterprises in China is to speed up the updating and transformation of the old equipment, improve the automation level of the enterprise.Equipment mostly obsolete backwardness of manufacturing enterprises in our country, it is imperative to speed up the renewal and the transformation of old equipment.Improve equipment of numerical control rate can be solved through two ways, one is the purchase of advanced complete sets of manufacturing equipment, a comprehensive update old equipment, this requires huge amounts of money behind it;Another way is to old equipment to carry on the numerical control transformation, improve the level of automation, all of these need a lot of special motor.