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       Indeed, when enterprise development to a certain stage, to seek sustainable development in a competitive market, the enterprise must have the right strategy, good ability of organization and management, rich talent team of professional ethics and talent is the basis for the development of the whole company.

       Choose yangjae cultivation, through the excellent team collaboration, fruitful marketing strategy implementation, enterprise to benign development.As a domestic leading supplier of network equipment, deep convincing human resources training focuses on r&d, marketing and customer service personnel.Through the clear company strategic demand for talent ability standard, deep convinced in the recruitment selection in training talents to promote the development of corporate strategy.Deeply convinced of recruits general implementation of the three stages of training plan:

        For new employees, the company will be different according to the characteristics and the job skills training and culture.Administrative department of a standard system process and organization of professional course instructor team, develop targeted, for new employees on the basis of knowledge, product knowledge, professional building, enterprise culture and so on all aspects of the training.

        Have basic job skills and professional direction, the company will according to individual performance trend of ambition and ability in the work, the preliminary plan of personal career development plan.For developers, deep convinced provides technical experts and executives dual channel development path.Experts focusing on technology development and technology innovation, solve technical problems;Technology executives is good at grasping the direction of project and product planning, lead the team to complete development tasks;Similarly, in view of the customer service staff, market researchers, deep convinced also provides business direction direction of two types of talent cultivation, management direction.

        The work business into the core quality, professional quality and leadership qualities at 3 o 'clock positions, to the right people to different ways of training.Such as through the tutorial system, made of the same type talents who counterpart, rapid increase.For main technical route of the talent, the company through the system of technical training, the actual project experience accumulation and technical cattle people between learning, strengthening technical personnel post ability and the achievement of pride;For talent takes technology management course, after accumulated considerable technical ability, the company will train its leading r&d team, lead the project operation, colleagues communication with customers, market and so on, the accumulation of its controls the ability of projects, products, continuously improve its leadership.

        Above career development plan is not invariable, by selection, training, appointment, use, education, improve the closed loop process, constantly adjust the direction of professional development, businesses and individuals to the development of the companies and individuals choose the optimal path.